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23 Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

Chances are good your morning begins with a cup of coffee (or three) and so does the person who will receive a gift from you. And just like you can drink it more than one way hot or iced, black or with milk and/or sugar there are an abundant number of ways to prepare it, from the automated to the ornately complex, which can make finding a coffee inspired gift a difficult task.
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For this list, we checked in with Pete Licata, winner of the 2013 World Barista Championship, to get his thoughts on buying for the coffee lover in your life. “When looking for coffee gear for a friend or family, I look at what they have already,” he says. “The biggest impact to their coffee flavor is a ‘burr’ grinder and freshly roasted beans. A local coffee roaster or cafe is a great place to start looking. “If the person I’m buying for already has great beans and grinds them fresh, then I start looking for items that can help them out, including: manual brewing devices, scales, timers, hot water boiler, a goose neck pouring kettle, or glass decanters.”

Whether you’re buying for the cold brew enthusiast, a friend seeking better beans for their daily coffee, or a relative looking to change the way they brew, there are tons of new and classic, reliable pieces of coffee gear available right now. Here are our favorites.

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