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This kid couldn’t be more than 8 and apparently thought it was a good idea to drive his child sized ATV through a flooded wash where the water was carrying trees at high speed.

A child on an ATV tried to cross a flooded road in North Surprise.(Photo: William Pitts)

This kid made it about halfway across, then found the giant divot taken out of the road. I was convinced he was going to tip over and be swept downstream. http://www.cheapnfljerseysonlinew.top What really bothered me were the four adults who sat there and said nothing while this kid drove into the wash.

Jacked up pickup trucks were having issues crossing this and an 8 year old was driving into it on what’s basically an oversized Big Wheel.

We got hit with another big rain storm about an hour ago, just when we thought the freeway was getting better. The rain was coming down so hard I thought it was hail. It’s always a little eerie when you can see the sheets of hard rain moving across the road and coming right at you.

the lanes that were closed on I 17 are open now. We’re now heading to a water rescue that I listened to while going live on the freeway.

Most pressing, I 17 is down to one lane because a wash overflowed, sending water, dirt and debris all over the place. It looks like the Colorado River over here. Water is making rapids two and three feet tall. The lane nearest the median is open, but it’s only going to get worse.

We were at Carefree Highway just West of I 17 a few minutes ago and we thought we’d be safe shooting video of the water flowing over the highway.wholesale jerseys from china After all it hadn’t been raining for a while. Pretty soon we noticed the water was actually RISING. 19 storms.

collector who outbid four other bidders for the celebrity’s car. According to legend, Gable sold this convertible because every time he drove it, a mob of crazed women would run after him. collector who outbid four other bidders for the celebrity’s car. According to legend, Gable sold this convertiblemore

AUSTIN How much is a custom made vehicle for worth?

A Texas state legislator who owns the one of a kind vehicle thinks it’s priceless although he’s willing to sell it for $1 million.

Rep. , D El Paso, put the legendary actor’s vehicle on sale on eBay last weekend, 23 years after buying it from Wayne’s family. The actor died in 1979.

asking $1 million, I’m hoping a million people find out about it, and I’ll eventually find that right person or museum that’s serious about it, said Pickett, who owns an assortment of antique vehicles, including a 1963 Cadillac hearse and a 1961 Bristol double decker bus.

Antique cars have fascinated Pickett since he got his driver’s license at age 16. The Wayne vehicle has been special.

was the first time I had the ability to buy something that was the only one in the world and belonged to a celebrity, he said.

Pickett had to sell several vehicles and get a loan to finance his purchase of the actor’s vehicle, a 1966 International TravelAll designed to meet the actors’ needs for a ranch he owned in Arizona. He declined to say how much the investment cost.

got the original seat that John Wayne passed gas on, Pickett said.

Whether that tidbit adds to the selling price has yet to be determined.

Pickett has been averaging about 2,000 hits a day since putting the vehicle on eBay. So far, he said he’s received responses from goofy people, careful to note that none of those inquires have come from any of his 180 colleagues in the Legislature.

Pickett has been emotionally attached to his Wayne Mobile for 22 years, he said: had the bragging rights. I was the first owner of it coming off the ranch. however, it’s become of a responsibility. vehicle’s odometer reads 70,388. Picket estimates he has driven no more than a few hundred miles since acquiring the vehicle that features dual gasoline tanks, a 460 cubic inch engine, four barrel carburetor and four wheel drive.

Picket started thinking about parting with it after Wayne’s children invited him to a private auction preview in Dallas last month. The family is auctioning 750 of the actor’s belongings.

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