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2 men argue over flag at flag

Larry Peyton of Tabernacle, New Jersey, was in the area to oppose Hillary Clinton’s nomination when he came upon the protest involving the Revolution Club, a communist group. Peyton tugged at a flag being held by a man in a Guy Fawkes mask, and the two men argued over it for several minutes. She says a crowd was kicking and hitting a fence and grabbing a federal law enforcement officer’s arm.

Showell Lee says the federal officer asked transit police to use pepper spray if the protesters “tried to attack the officers” again, and a transit officer used the spray. The fence was later locked into place.

During the convention, 103 protesters have been ticketed and fined.

Lady Gaga and Lenny Kravitz have hit the stage at an invitation only concert for Democratic convention delegates and guests.

The pop stars are performing Thursday afternoon at an amphitheater in Camden, New Jersey, across the river from Philadelphia.

Gaga opened with a jazzy version of the folk song “This Land is Your Land” and then Neil Young’s “Old Man.” She was introduced by Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, who called her a star who’s not afraid to speak out about sexual violence and mental health.

Kravitz ended his set by shouting “We the people. We the people. We the people.” Kravitz also performed inside the convention on Wednesday night.

Thunderstorms have put a damper on protests outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.wholesale nfl jerseys from china

A planned daylong rally near City Hall encouraging Bernie Sanders supporters to leave the Democratic Party wrapped up as heavy rains began to fall Thursday afternoon.

Many demonstrators at a park adjacent to the convention site 4 miles away also ran for cover, delaying protests there.

Organizers say some planned events, including a flag burning, would still go ahead later in the day, weather permitting.

Across the river in Camden, New Jersey, a concert for delegates and other invited guests featuring Lady Gaga was going on. But people seated in the lawn area of the BB Pavilion were moved to seats under cover.

Philadelphia city officials are warning Democratic National Convention visitors and protesters of a possible repeat of Monday’s thunderstorms and heavy rain.

They say there could be flash flooding on area roads Thursday afternoon through Friday.

No marches are planned by protesters Thursday. But a daylong demonstration is set to be held near City Hall, 4 miles from the convention site. Organizers were still setting up shortly before noon.

On Monday night, a torrential rainstorm forced demonstrators near the convention site to seek cover under a highway overpass and at a subway stop nearly a mile away. Some used signs as umbrellas.

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