with only one win in five games

He knocked it down, bobbled it a second, regained his composure and tossed it to first base. The Blues’ batter not only had a mighty swing but was swift afoot (ok, again, I’m just making this up he could have been crawling for all I can remember) and nearly beat the ball to first base. But he didn’t.

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wholesale jerseys from china In this campaign, however, they had struggled mightily at home, with only one win in five games, while conversely having pulled off three impressive away wins against Santos Laguna, Morelia and Cruz Azul. Club America, meanwhile, were safely nestled in fourth place, but had lost three of their previous five games coming into this one, including a heavy beatdown at the hands of Leon, and a particularly galling Super Clasico defeat to Chivas at the Azteca. There is no doubt that America are a high powered team going forward, but the team still faced some questions at the other end of the field. wholesale jerseys from china

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